2024 Honda Civic Redesign

2024 Honda Civic Sport AWD Redesign, Specs, Price

2024 Honda Civic Sport AWD Redesign, Specs, PriceThe Honda Civic Type R Sport has always been the best when it comes to hot hatches. Despite the flashy exterior, this car isn’t all show, and no, so the striking design has an actual purpose. The Civic Type R is an endangered species since it can only be had with a six-speed manual gearbox and only drives the front wheels.

The 2024 Honda Civic Type R, which starts at $34,100 before options and delivery, isn’t cheap, but it’s electric. But the Civic Type R is still front-wheel drive, unlike those other vehicles. Not having an all-wheel dream (AWD) may sound like a recipe for torque steer with the 2.0-liter turbo four’s 306 hp, but Honda’s suspension and driveline engineers have shown themselves rather savvy in this regard. You won’t find a better front-wheel-drive vehicle on the road today.

2023 Honda Civic Exterior
2024 Honda Civic sport Exterior

2024 Honda Civic Sport AWD redesign

Honda has released preliminary images of a 2024 Civic Type R prototype. Even while the next-generation CTR’s design is more precise, we still have no clue about its manufacturing specifications. We’re convinced that the new turbo four will be more potent than the existing model. In addition, we’ve seen a camouflaged prototype being tested, and its distinctive rear wing and aggressive wheel-and-tire combo were easy to spot. The exterior of the 2024 Civic Type-R will see the most significant changes.

We can see from the hidden test mule that the new Type-R will have a more aggressive yet refined design to appeal to audiences of all ages. As Honda has stated, the new Type-R will have a more mature and sober demeanor compared to the existing model’s rad and wacky face. The new 2022 model will have the same layout and proportions as the outgoing 2021 model because it will be built on a different chassis.

2023 Honda Civic Interior
2024 Honda Civic Interior


It’s a pleasure to spend time inside the Sport; the new Civic’s interior design is stunning in its simplicity. The steering wheel and the center console controls are well-organized and straightforward to use while driving. For my OCD, the vent controls have a tremendous weight to their movement and click into a central position, while the mesh piece that covers the whole dash nicely hides the air vents. Although this isn’t a glitzy or opulent interior, it’s made to last, focusing on practicality and ease of use above apparent opulence.

The Civic has a low beltline, a big windscreen, and thin pillars that are good to keep from previous Hondas. The front-seat passengers can see a lot outside the car. Civic Sport’s only drawback is that it lacks the touring model’s most advanced technology. Although its entertainment system isn’t as robust as the ones in the base LX and mid-range EX models, it’s adequate for most people’s needs. It’s good that CarPlay and Android Auto are standard, even if the 7-inch touchscreen makes them appear a little small. Both the bigger 9-inch screen of the Civic Touring and its wireless smartphone connection is unavailable. However, the LX, Sport, and EX trims include a 7-inch left-side screen in the instrument panel, which defaults to a tachometer but may show all relevant information instead of the 10.2-inch digital gauge cluster.

2023 Honda Civic Release Date
2024 Honda Civic Sport Release Date


We can see from the hidden test mule that the new Type-R will have a more aggressive yet refined design to appeal to audiences of all ages. The new 2022 model will be built on the 2021 model’s revised chassis, so the shape and proportions of the car will remain essentially the same.

To 60 mph in 7.5 seconds, our turbocharged Touring car took longer than the previous generation Civic to get there. 7.3 seconds to 60 mph, the manual Sport Touring hatchback performed better. However, the agile handling, intuitive steering, and well-balanced ride of the previous generation are still there and accounted for. A manual transmission will be open for the sporty Si and high-performance Type-R models, and we’ll have separate reviews for them.

2024 Honda Civic Sport AWD’s Release date and Price

After the $995 destination fee, the MSRP for the essential Honda Civic Type R is $37,895. The more limited Limited Edition model starts at $43,995, but there aren’t many options for upgrading. There aren’t many more than $50,000 for a fully stocked one.

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