2024 Honda Prologue Redesign

2024 Honda Prologue Specs, Models, Engine

2024 Honda Prologue Specs, Models, Engine – That Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-5, and Nissan Rogue are all rivals for the Honda Prologue SUV, which comfortably seats five and is more significant than any of them. Like Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, and Hyundai Tucson, it is also available as a hybrid model.

A tiny budget was allocated to Honda’s latest iteration of the Prologue SUV. All-wheel drive is only offered as an option on the Touring grade, which is not available on lower-tier versions. For those who like their vehicles to blend in rather than stand out, the 2024 Honda Prologue SUV is an excellent option.

2024 Honda Prologue Redesign
2024 Honda Prologue Redesign

2024 Honda Prologue Redesign

The Honda Prologue SUV was radically overhauled behind only a few months of production. A subtle elegance characterizes the exterior design of the Honda Prologue SUV for 2024. Although it lacks the sloped roofline seen on many recent automobiles, it provides a lot of space inside. Except for the most basic model, all have standard LED fog lights and rear privacy glass. Each hybrid version, including the Touring, may be outfitted with LED lights. The LX model comes average with 17-inch alloy wheels, while the Touring variant comes equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels. The non-hybrid Touring model has chrome exhaust tips as well.

Even in densely crowded parking lots, SUVs have a distinct edge over cars. At 182.1 hairsbreadths long and 73 inches expansive, the Honda Prologue SUV 2024 is almost the same size as the Toyota RAV4. The Prologue’s ground clearance varies from 7.8 to 8.2 inches in two-wheel drive (AWD) mode (AWD). The wheelbase of a 2WD automobile is 104.8 inches, whereas the wheelbase of an AWD vehicle is 104.7 inches. All-wheel-drive cars weigh 3,455 pounds, compared to 3,649 pounds for hybrids. The 3WD models weigh 3,337 pounds. The AWD models weigh 3,455 pounds, and so on.


When the 2024 Honda Prologue SUV goes on sale in 2024, it will have enough room for five people. A 9 out of 10 for both the vehicle’s seating comfort and load capacity. The hybrid and EX models feature lumbar support, whereas the LX and SE’s cloth seats are excellent. The EX-L and Touring models come equipped with power-adjustable seats and leather upholstery. Driving this automobile is a breeze because of the high chairs, low consoles, and large windows. Because there are doors and a desk in the middle, there is a lot of storage space.

To make up for the Prologue’s austere exterior, Honda’s top touring models have luxury soft-touch materials, some of which resemble wood. Three somebody can sit comfortably in the back because of the wide-opening exits and ample head- and legroom. A whopping 75.8 cubic claws of cargo space is yours when you fold down the 60/40-split rear seats, making the RAV4 a clear winner in this segment. Low-load floor coverings are also advantageous for pets and their owners.


Honda’s Prologue is well-balanced, despite its turtle-like design. When combined with a CVT, the 1.5L turbo-4’s CVT generates 190 engine and 179 lb-ft of torque. The sluggishness of this car does not prevent it from merging with or overtaking another vehicle. The Honda CVT uses no artificial gearing to mimic the shifting of an automatic transmission. With this CVT, you won’t have to put up with the annoying droning of other CVTs.

It is possible to utilize AWD (all-wheel drive) on snow and ice, but it is only suitable for usage on asphalt. Don’t drive this car on any more challenging roads. Despite its slant, the Prologue feels at home. A soft ride is made possible by front and rear struts and a double-wishbone suspension.

2024 Honda Prologue Release Date
2024 Honda Prologue Release Date

2024 Honda Prologue Release Date and Price

In light of this year’s price hike and the absence of significant upgrades for 2024, a nearly new, used example is a good option. The basic LX variant of Honda’s Prologue SUV will cost $25,350 when it sells in the United States in 2024. The EX is a little more costly than the EX ($30,450) in terms of cost. The Hybrid EX and the Hybrid EX-L cost $30,560 and $33,150, respectively. When it comes to Prologue models, the most costly are, unquestionably, the Tour and Hybrid Tour.

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