2024 Honda Prologue Model

Honda Prologue Concept 2024 Electric, Engine, Price

Honda Prologue Concept 2024 Electric, Engine, Price – Compared to the Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-5, and Nissan Rogue compact crossover SUVs that can seat three people, the Honda Prologue SUV has five seats and is significantly larger. You can choose a hybrid version like the Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, or Hyundai Tucson. Only a meager sum was set aside for the Honda Prologue SUV’s most recent generation.

To have an all-wheel drive, you’ll need to get the touring model, which doesn’t come standard. Those looking for a car that blends in rather than stands out would love the 2024 Honda Prologue SUV.

2024 Honda Prologue Model
2024 Honda Prologue Model

2024 Honda Prologue Redesign

Despite only being in production for a short time, the Honda Prologue SUV had a significant facelift shortly after its debut. Designed for 2024, the Honda Prologue SUV’s appearance features an understated elegance. Despite the lack of a pitched roof, it has a large interior volume. All entry-level models come equipped with LED fog lights and rear privacy glass as standard equipment. LED lights are available for all hybrid models, including the Touring. Both the LX and Touring models come standard with 17-inch alloy wheels, but the Touring has 18-inch alloy wheels. Chrome exhaust tips are also included on the Touring variant that isn’t a hybrid.

Even in densely populated parking lots, SUVs outnumber vehicles by a wide margin. In terms of length and width, the Honda Prologue SUV 2024 is nearly identical to the Toyota RAV4 at 182.1 mm and 73 inches. In two-wheel drive (AWD) mode, the Prologue’s ground clearance ranges from 7.8 to 8.2 inches (AWD). Two-wheel drive vehicles have a 104.8-inch wheelbase, whilst all-wheel drive vehicles have a 104.7-inch wheelbase. Hybrids have a curb weight of 3,649 pounds, whereas all-wheel-drive vehicles weigh 3,455 pounds. The 3WD variants have a curb weight of 3,337 lbs. Weighing in at 3,455 pounds for the AWD variants, for example,


The 2024 Honda Prologue SUV will have adequate space for five passengers when it goes on sale in 2024. In terms of passenger comfort and cargo capacity, the vehicle gets a perfect score of 9. The lumbar support is standard on the hybrid and EX versions, but the nice cloth seats are only available on the LX and SE. In addition to the power-adjustable seats and leather upholstery, the EX-L and Touring versions include leather upholstery. As a result of the high seats, low consoles, and huge windows on this vehicle, driving is an absolute breeze. There is a lot of storage space because of the doors and the desk in the centre.

Honda’s best touring models contain luxurious soft-touch materials, some of which mimic wood, in order to compensate for the Prologue’s austere outward design. Because of the wide-opening exits and ample head- and legroom, three people can sit comfortably in the back.When the 60/40-split back seats are folded flat, you’ll have 75.8 cubic feet of cargo capacity, making the RAV4 the clear winner in this category. Pets and their owners benefit from low-load floor coverings as well.


Despite its turtle-like shape, Honda’s Prologue is a well-balanced vehicle. Combined with the CVT, the 1.5L turbo-4 CVT produces 190 engine and 179 lb-ft of torque when combined. Despite its sluggishness, this automobile is capable of passing and merging with other vehicles with no problems at all. Automatic transmissions employ artificial gearing to simulate shifts. The Honda CVT doesn’t do this at all. This CVT eliminates the unpleasant droning sound of regular CVTs.

While AWD (all-wheel drive) may be used on snow and ice, it is best suited for use on paved surfaces. Don’t take this automobile on any more difficult roads. The prologue, despite its slant, seems at home in the story. Double-wishbone suspension allows for an extremely comfortable ride.

2024 Honda Prologue Release Date and Price
2024 Honda Prologue Release Date and Price

2024 Honda Prologue Release Date and Price

In view of this year’s price jump and the lack of major changes for 2024, a virtually new, used example is a smart alternative. A Honda Prologue SUV with the LX trim level will have a starting price of $25,350 when it goes on sale here in the United States in 2024. Cost-wise, the EX ($30,450) is slightly more expensive than the EX ($30,450). The Hybrid EX costs $30,560, while the Hybrid EX-L costs $33,150. Of the Prologue models, the Tour and Hybrid Tour are by far the most expensive.

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