2024 Honda HRV Redesign

New Honda HRV EXL 2024 Redesign, Colors, Dimensions

New Honda HRV EXL 2024 Redesign, Colors, Dimensions – The Honda HRV, a tiny crossover, is a specific vehicle on the road. In the previous two decades, Honda’s Magic Seats have transformed the mobility of compact cars. Nissan decided to integrate Magic Seat into as many vehicles as feasible because the first-generation Fit and HRV crossovers featured roomier interiors. The Fit is distinguished by its aggressive, substantial design and utility combination.

Honda’s engineers are responsible for the HRV’s colossal passenger and cargo space, so crossovers are so popular with families. In contrast, this automobile makes driving an absolute nightmare. A 141-hp engine propels the 2024 HRV. This automobile is difficult to operate due to the CVT transmission and the above machine. Even though its mid-life replacement is scheduled for 2024, the HRV has not altered.

2024 Honda HRV Redesign
2024 Honda HRV Redesign

2024 Honda HRV EXL Redesign

Due to its blatant nature, a high 2024 Honda HRV EXL is not always a bad thing. The shape and proportions of this motorcycle are unique to Honda. The appearance of the Sport variant is more aggressive, with new alloy wheels and privacy glass. In 2024, only one Honda HRV Sport will be available with 18-inch matte black alloy wheels. We anticipate silver-painted metal spindles measuring 17 inches in length for the remaining models.

Due to its large luggage and passenger capacity, the HRV’s wheelbase is extremely short. This sport’s 170.4-inch wheelbase distinguishes it from the other three sports variants. It stands apart from the competition due to its 70.5-inch width. All models include LED brakes, daytime running lights, and LED standard taillights.


The 2024 Honda HRV EXL from this year retains the interior and powertrain from the previous model. Even if it is not as eccentric as Kia’s Soul or Hyundai’s Kona, the configuration is excellent for the company’s needs. These outfits are crafted from breathable, high-quality materials. Inside the package, you will find a range of gray plastics that will last for years. Although the design is unpleasant, it appears to have a lengthy history. The Honda Magic Seat is standard on all Honda automobiles, including base models. This is at least one of the primary reasons individuals buy HRVs.

However, its inside is anything but modest. The HRV’s second row of seating can accommodate five individuals. The front seats provide 41.2-inch legroom and 39.5-inch headroom. There are 38.3 hairbreadths of headroom in the second row and 39 inches of legroom. This translates to 35.2 inches of legroom for rear-seat Hyundai Kona passengers. Even though the Kona’s cabin is smaller than the HRV, it is more enjoyable to drive and maintain.


Only one engine is compatible with the HRV. The vehicle’s ordinarily aspirated 4-cylinder engine produces 140 horsepower and 127 lb-ft of torque. Using CVT gears, power can be transmitted to the front or all four wheels on various automobiles. CVTs may function better at more incredible speeds on highways and urban environments. Slow acceleration is the most apparent disadvantage of automatic transmissions.

Accelerating abruptly increases the CVT’s sensitivity. The CVT may be overworked if another vehicle is allowed on the road or if the automobile is transferred. The greater the throttle used, the faster and noisier the engine will run. To get it to run, you must start the engine. Depending on the volume and rotation of the sound, the vehicle’s speed may need to be adjusted. Multiple CVTs have the same issue.

2024 Honda HRV Release Date and Price
2024 Honda HRV Release Date and Price

2024 Honda HRV EXL Release Date and Price

The least expensive model of the 2024 Honda HRV EXL is the LX, which has a front-wheel drive. The difference between the price of this year’s model and next year’s model is $200. All of the vehicle’s features are included in the base price of $23,370. The EX model, which costs $24,620, boasts the most modern safety features. The price of an all-leather interior is $26,220 (USD). All-wheel drive increases the MSRP of the HRV by $1,500. The CR “destination” V is available for $1,225.

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