2024 Honda Prologue Model

New Model Honda Prologue 2024 Images, Specs, Price

New Model Honda Prologue 2024 Images, Specs, Price – When compared to the three RAV4s, the two Mazda CX-5s, and the two Nissan Rogue Sports, the Honda Prologue is a small SUV that simply cannot hold its own. There are hybrid versions of the Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape, and Hyundai Tucson. The most recent iteration of Honda’s compact SUV, the Prologue, was designed on a strict budget.

You can choose the all-wheel drive on every trim level except the Touring, where it comes standard. If you prefer your automobile to be unnoticeable, the 2024 Prologue SUV is what you’ve been looking for.

2024 Honda Prologue Model
2024 Honda Prologue Model

Honda Prologue 2024 Redesign

Honda’s SUV, the Prologue, was only on the market for a short time before it was completely redesigned. The Honda Prologue SUV 2024 displays an understated elegance from the outside. The quantity of usable internal space provided by a building is unaffected by the roof type. All but the most basic variants have standard LED fog lights and rear privacy glass. All hybrids, not only the Touring, can now be equipped with optional LED lighting.

Alloy wheels of 18 inches come standard on the Touring trim, while 17-inches are standard on the LX. Chrome is used for the exhaust tips on the touring models. Regular automobiles outnumbered SUVs in even the busiest garages. When compared to the Toyota RAV4, the Honda Prologue SUV 2024 measures 182.1 inches in length and 73 inches across.

When operating in 2WD mode, the Honda Prologue 2024 has a clearance of 7.8 to 8.2 inches (AWD). The AWD vehicle has a shorter wheelbase (104.7 inches) than a conventional 2WD car (114.2 inches). The average weight of an all-wheel-drive vehicle is 3,455, whereas the average weight of a hybrid car is 3,649. The curb weight for the 3WD vehicles is 3,337 pounds. The entire thing weighs a whopping 1,500 kilograms (3,455 pounds).

Interior Design

Honda Prologue 2024 SUV initially set for a 2022 debut, will now not see the market until 2024. This vehicle receives a perfect score of 10 for both passenger convenience and cargo space. It’s true that the hybrid and EX have lumbar support, but the LX and SE’s fabric seats are far superior. Standard on the EX-L and Touring models is leather upholstery and power-adjustable seats.

It’s a pleasure to drive, thanks to the car’s spacious cabin, comfortable seats, and low center console. Storage is abundant between the doors and the central desk. To make up for the Prologue’s austere look, Honda’s top-tier touring models feature luxurious soft-touch materials, some of which simulate wood. With its spacious interior, wide doors, and ample head-and legroom in the back, this vehicle can easily carry three adults.

The RAV4 is unrivaled in its class due to its 60/40-split folding rear seats, which provide 75.8 cubic feet of storage space. Dogs also benefit from having the floor covering that doesn’t add too much weight.

Engine Performance

The Honda Prologue may look like a turtle, but it’s actually a very stable car. Combining the 1.5L turbo-4 with CVT results in 190 hp and 179 lb-ft of torque. Despite its modest pace, this vehicle can quickly join traffic or pass another car.

The Honda CVT is not a conventional automatic transmission because it has no artificial gears. Thanks to this CVT, you won’t have to listen to the constant humming of competitors’ products.

Only a vehicle with all-wheel drive will do. You shouldn’t go anywhere in this car. A crooked prologue is acceptable. This vehicle has a unique double-wishbone design, along with conventional front and rear struts.

2024 Honda Prologue and Price
2024 Honda Prologue and Price

Honda Prologue 2024 Price and Release Date

Given the present price increase and the lack of significant modifications in 2024, purchasing a nearly new, used automobile is a reasonable choice. When it goes on sale in the United States in 2024, Honda’s Prologue SUV will be offered at a price of $25,350. Its price is slightly higher than that of the EX, coming in at $30,450. The base EX-model costs $30,560, while the top-of-the-line EX-L Hybrid version costs $33,150. Without a doubt, the Hybrid Tour and Prologue Tour are the most expensive options.

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